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How to Design Your Own T-Shirts with AI: Create Custom Styles Effortlessly

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Are you ready to turn your creative visions into wearable art? Designing your own custom T-shirts has never been more fun and accessible, especially with the innovative tools available on Whether you're aiming for personalized gifts, unique wardrobe staples, or expressing your artistic flair, follow these simple steps to craft your one-of-a-kind T-shirt designs.

Step 1: Choose Your Perfect T-Shirt

At, the journey begins with selecting your canvas – the Custom Unisex T-Shirt. With a range of sizes from S to 3XL, crafted from soft, stretchy ring-spun cotton, these vegan-friendly, pre-shrunk T-shirts are a premium choice. Plus, they come in various colours to suit your style. Rest assured, these quality garments are made in the UK, EU & AU, ready to be shipped worldwide.

Step 2: Enter Your Creative Prompt

Now comes the fun part – unleash your imagination! Input prompts like "a donkey with a straw hat" or "a sports car driving through a forest." Then, simply hit 'create' and witness the AI magic unfold! If you're logged in, experiment with diverse style filters for added creative flair.

Tip: Sign in to unlock the T-shirt type filter, simplifying the creation of print-ready designs. However, you can still create exceptional designs without the filter by adjusting your prompts for added detail.

Step 3: Select Your Favourite Design

Once the AI has worked its wonders, swipe through the array of finished designs and select your favourite. Found the perfect one? Click the green button to confirm your choice, ensuring it's saved to your media library for later use.

Tip: For a cut-out design, remember to remove the background. Confirm changes once you're satisfied with the result.

Step 4: Perfect Positioning

Take control of your design! Move, rotate, and position it precisely within the print area. This step ensures your chosen design fits flawlessly on your T-shirt.

Step 5: Checkout Your Masterpiece

Visualize the final product using the 'Show mock-up' feature. Confirm that your design is precisely where you want it. Satisfied? Add your creation to the cart and proceed to checkout. Your uniquely crafted T-shirt will typically arrive within 7 days of ordering.

Happy Creating! And remember, if you need any assistance along the way, our team is here to help.

Crafting your custom T-shirts with is a seamless journey where creativity meets cutting-edge AI technology. From prompt input to positioning, your designs are in your hands. Let your imagination run wild, and let HEYi bring your creations to life!

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